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Never Take a Coin at Face Value

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The copper penny from 1943 is one of the most valuable collectible coins. It can be worth up to $100,000. Coming across this little bugger may take a lifetime of luck or karma, but that does not stop me from checking the date on every penny I come across.

If you are looking for where to sell sterling silver, you have come to a fine place to start. I am, however, just going to refer you elsewhere. You want to go visit antique jewelry buyers, coin dealers and places you can sell estate jewelry.

When you come across change, do not take the pieces at face value. Every dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar coins from 1964 or earlier are silver, and therefore valuable once you find where to Continue Reading 6 Comments

Will Your Family Get Compensation If You’re Injured

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Federal workers compensation attorney

Maritime claims are not something that many people think about. The reason is because longshoremen and dockworkers are workers who only exist in very specific communities. You won’t find them in Tuscon, Arizona. But there are considerable government resources to cover them. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, for example, offers protection to 500,000 dock workers and the benefits are paid out through self insured employers. People suffering from injuries should determine the maritime claims that apply, whether they were working on a civilian dock, in which case they may be working under the Longshore harbor

In Denver, STD Testing Can Help You To Be Healthier

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If you live in Denver STD testing can be one at an urgent care center, which is part of the quickest growing segment of the US healthcare system. In fact, some states allow prescription dispensing right at the center, but you can bet that in Denver STD testing can be done at any one. Thanks to a Denver STD testing facility, you can bet that you will get some of the best care and it will all be done completely anonymously.

In Denver STD testing or any other service that you get done at an ER could cost you $1,500 or more, but when you go to a 24 hr urgent care clinic, it will likely run you less than $150. The CDC did a study where they found that just under half of ER patients that were adults who were not